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Windows 7 users complain of unprovoked Windows 10 auto-upgrades

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Since last year, Microsoft officially released next-generation flagship operating system Windows 10, users can clearly feel of Microsoft's focus will be around for win10, and win7 / win8.1 also bound to like XP ships gradually out of the market, but for a lot of old users, the first time to upgrade win10 not is their own choice, and some users accustomed to win7 / win8.1 has no plans to upgrade win10, although Microsoft has been working promotional Windows 10, so that as many Windows 7 and 8.1 users upgrade to this new operating system.

Overall, Microsoft's action is still very successful, win10 currently installed capacity has exceeded two hundred million, from the year also set myself the goal of getting closer, but Microsoft in the promotion win10 system process, some means it was user Tucao.

For example now, around the world, including China, have users complained that Microsoft actually mandatory update win10, when you boot, without the user's consent, directly quietly will win7 / win8.1 system to upgrade to win10, which information users around the world have been agreed, many users post, he said he has encountered this situation.

In fact, early last year, has just launched not long, there are users reflect, in order to promote Microsoft win10, really have a crazy feeling completely ignored and users, was also broke the "Tonight upgrade or upgrade now" situation, that is, when you turn on the computer and found this option to update the system will pop up, and you can now choose to upgrade to upgrade win10 or night, but no matter which you choose, you will eventually be forced to upgrade.



The mandatory collective user behavior was boycott, Microsoft also said that hindsight is a mistake and released the latest patch, you can refuse, but in fact is not very useful, as long as the day you do not upgrade win10, Microsoft will update daily punctual pop up again to suggest you upgrade, keep track of.
Compared to Compared to these cases as well as struggling, those without the user's consent will be directly upgrade users is really going to explode, and you dare to believe that when you wake up early in the morning, turn on the computer, however, go out to eat after wash breakfast came back to find "FML, my computer how to become a win10 system," is how a face pain.
Undeniably, win10 compared win7 / 8.1, is indeed great progress, and functional aspects of the system has greatly improved, however, turnip cabbage all have love, not everyone likes the new system, and win10 just launched in that period of time, because it is not compatible with loopholes and other issues, it has also led to many users in the sidelines, waiting for better version soon after performing the update, but Microsoft this inconsiderate, persecution of the update is odious .

However, this update without the user's consent not everyone is carried out, for example, the author is his own notebook updates, Microsoft is no mandatory upgrade or implied, and author of a friend was encountered in this case, Microsoft mandatory upgrade directly to him became a win10, there is this argument which, reportedly because the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade program as a recommended update to users, so it is automatically installed as the default patch.

The default patch is installed without the user's consent, which also led to some users this happens, in fact, is that right?

Microsoft's operating system is responsible also expressed that Microsoft will not be without the user's consent to install win10 machine system, but will not be allowed to upgrade the existing operating system to the win10, even Windows 10 installation program automatically runs after whether, before the actual upgrade will ask the user to continue.

But the truth in the end is how, who can not tell, I am afraid, to say or imply that Microsoft did not induce users to upgrade, I'm afraid to say we do not believe it, for this problem, some experts believe is the user changes the default settings for Windows Update, and it Note that this may not be Windows 10 upgrade program, and therefore be treated like other Windows patches, like, all the way click yes, the system upgrade to Windows 10.

In this regard, how do you see? Do you have come across such a situation it.

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