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Andriod N is big Difference into the Embrace of Virtual Reality

Andriod N Virtual Reality Andriod system Google VR

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Google I / O developer conference on the new version of the Andriod system never missed, but this Developers Conference, Andriod N but also bring a lot of surprises, whether it is performance, safety, productivity, or VR, every upgrade to experience it is progress.
Andriod N With many upgrade than before

Andriod N in performance was significantly improved graphics engine outstanding Vulkan latest in 3D graphics performance, at the scene of the game screen, either shadow detail or have better rendering smooth, and less hardware resources occupied by the new engine, which for life is a big plus.
The new JIT compiler to significantly enhance the performance

In terms of security, Andriod N provides a more comprehensive multi-safety protection, including file encryption system, seamless upgrades, and other malicious files scan detection equipment to provide security for the strict conservation measures. These protection from malicious software that allows users to harassment, privacy of users can also be effectively protected.
Implement split-screen function N on Andriod

For productivity, split-screen display and a screen PIP function allows multiple simultaneous work. Users can query the web while watching a video, or install other App. In addition, there is a change in the notification bar, the message of the information directly reply without re-entering the corresponding App.

Mobile VR platform Daydream

The biggest change comes from the field of virtual reality VR, Andriod N provides a Daydream application, this should be counted as a high-end mobile platform VR in the latest Andriod N system VR display delay can be controlled within 20ms, this has great significance for the improvement of vertigo, to enhance the sense of immersion.
Daydream performance on Andriod N
Combined with Andriod N and VR is not limited to cell phones, but a smart phone, head-mounted displays and virtual reality systems integration App. Of course this is for the smartphone screen and sensors have certain requirements, with a better phone, combined with significant head and numerous high-App, to read or to achieve an immersive video experience.
Google VR head was the concept of the product

Currently Daydream has run perfectly on Samsung, HTC, millet, Huawei, ZTE and other equipment, and Daydream will be formally launched this fall, based on this platform version of VR applications are already covered by the news reader, video, sports, games, etc. aspects, then you can experience more excellent performance on virtual reality VR Andriod N.

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